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The partnership between Tevalis and Wi5 gives you access to a best-in-class mobile Order & Pay solution that’s already fully integrated with your POS, ensuring a fast rollout. Wi5 is a seamless, secure and reliable way for your customers to order and pay in queue or at table.


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Wi5 enables you to...


Increase sales

By removing the need to queue or wait for the bill, and enabling customers to quickly add to their orders throughout their visit, Wi5 increases volume of transactions. And with smart up-sells using predictive analytics from previous behaviour, those ATVs will increase too.


Improve efficiency

With less time wasted delivering bills and taking payments, staff can close out orders faster and serve more people in a shorter amount of time. Less wasted time means more resource to focus on providing stellar customer service.


Enhance experience

With Wi5, customers can easily and quickly find what they want, place orders and complete their payment. Remove the frustration of queues and delays to give your customers more time to sit back and relax.

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